Space to Trade Launch New 3D Corporate Video

Space to Trade came together as a result of many years across the industry, from roles in Retail Management to Centre Management – and everything in between.

Founder and Managing Director, Paul Clifford, brought Space to Trade to the market to offer innovation to the retail industry, introducing a commercialisation model that puts quality and it’s customers at the heart of the process.

As Paul McCammon, Finance Director at Space to Trade, proudly states ‘our greatest strength at Space to Trade is our people’ – it’s for this reason that we have produced our latest video.

We present to you the expertise, innovation and passion in our leadership team. Featured in order of appearance: Paul Clifford (Managing Director), Paul McCammon (Finance Director) and Tina Shah (Commercial Director).

In this video we talk you through the founding ethos of our business and the steps we take to drive intelligent commercialisation strategies, profit and an improved customer experience.

You will learn just how invested we are in the success of our clients and the extent to which we go to ensure that we achieve the very best outcome for our clients from all of our projects. We’re open and transparent about the way we work and value a collaborative approach. We actively drive excellent service, quality and footfall to our malls – whilst constantly strategising to ensure we match the right retailer to the right location.

With the retail industry continually under the microscope and creating some uncertainty for brands, now is the time to focus on engaging the current mass of high-street and mall visitors. Mall commercialisation presents an opportunity to add some theatre to the shopping experience and a fantastic platform to present a product or service to the market.

We work in partnership with our retailers and malls, building bespoke packages around their commercial objectives. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can do for you.

“If you want it done well, if you want it done right, you come to us.” – Paul Clifford, Managing Director at Space to Trade.

Click here to view the full video.

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