Space to Trade Launch ‘A Day in the Life’ Campaign

Space to Trade has launched its latest campaign titled ‘A Day in the Life’, featuring Sales Manager Helen Frost and a walk through on an average day in the business.

The purpose of the campaign is to build brand awareness and to educate retailers and malls on the benefits of mall commercialisation. The team here at Space to Trade exceed expectations every day, working with mall managers and retailers to drive profit and footfall.

Helen Frost, Sales Manager at Space to Trade, comments: “The rate of occupancy in my centres has been on average 80% and above. That is above the market average.”

Filmed in xxx Shopping Centre, Frost walks viewers through an average day for her and other sales managers here at Space to Trade. The key takeaway from the campaign is the impact that the team have on the malls and retailers. The team are on site for as long as the retailer is, proving a 24-hour service which extends beyond simply setting up a unit.

Testimonials are featured in the video as we give a voice to our clients, including successful business woman, Safia Khalid, Managing Director of Safia’s Barber. The Space to Trade team worked closely with Khalid on the conception of her brand and its development. Khalid comments: “They have been key to my business growth. Today, with their support, I own sixteen businesses.”

Frost adds: “The thing that is special about Space to Trade is the fact that we are on the ground with the traders from start to finish. We offer a tailored service, we help them build their business, see them grow and build their profit.

Click here to view the full video.

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