Realising Retail Potential.


Space to Trade offers promotional and retail selling opportunities to a variety of businesses, including small and large retailers, promotional companies and more. We support businesses to reach new audiences and sell their products or services to customers in shopping centre malls throughout the UK.

We rent Retail Merchandising Units (RMU’s) and we also rent other shopping centre mall space on a weekly and longer term basis in areas where high levels of customer footfall exist.

What sets us apart is the fact that we do more than simply rent space. We build retail strategies with both mall managers and retailers, with profit and footfall in mind.


Retail Merchandising Unit “RMU” is the term used for temporary kiosk-style retailing units that trade within shopping malls and other venues where high levels of consumer footfall exist. Space to trade offers retailers short term trading licences, increasing flexibility and reducing business risk. We can also offer retailers high quality RMU kiosks to trade from, as part of our agreement, thus reducing set up costs.


Space to Trade offer promotional space within high footfall venues where businesses promote and sell their products and services.


Brands are continually seeking new ways to engage with their customers, Space to Trade offer those brands and marketing companies immediate and more direct access to hundreds of thousands of customers whilst they are walking through shopping and town centres.


Temporary pop ups are a great way to trial or introduce a new product. We work with new and seasoned retailers to set up a solution that fits their business goals. We work with the team to build a strategy focused around increased profit and brand awareness.


Our focus is to drive profit, and there are many avenues we can explore together to increase sales and income. Our team are experts at retail promotion, and will work with you to ensure the right placement for your business.

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