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Merchandising Your Stall with High-Converting Product Displays

2019-09-12T11:24:28+01:00September 12th, 2019|

Ensuring your stall looks inviting requires a certain flair, well thought-out and highlighting your products to maximise sales and create a buzz around your products to steal the attention of potential customers.

By displaying your products in a quirky and creative way enhances the look and feel of your brand. Consistent branding ensures you stick in the mind of customers giving them a reason to come back.

With little effort, you can create a smart, engaging display. Here are our Sale Managers top 10 tips for merchandising your stall.

  1. Never over clutter your stall – Simplicity is key, your customer needs to be able to touch and see each item.
  2. Have an inviting space – Have a centrepiece of some sort where the customer can walk around. A little bit of extra décor makes customers feel less exposed to bare open selling and it looks nice too.
  3. Group items together in a colour scheme – This is aesthetically pleasing and draws customers in due to the ease to look at them.
  4. Have an overall shop feel – Anything that’s not nice to look at e.g. boxes and stall cover etc. Keep them out of the way so that you have an overall shop feel to your stall.
  5. Let there be light – Accent lighting, if you have access to this, creates visual interest for shoppers, putting products within their sights.
  6. Have a clear offer – Avoid mixed messaging, this is detrimental to sales. Choose your offer and highlight this clearly on your stall.
  7. Display your pricing – If you don’t display the pricing customers assume the worst. Display the price as this is a “trigger to action”.
  8. The Rule of Three – When arranging items have three of them side by side, our eyes stop dead in their track when we see something symmetrical.
  9. Change it up – Keep it fresh by changing up your stock and changing the position of items on your stall.
  10. Show & Tell – Before people purchase, they like to look and feel at products, smell or even taste. Have products on show so that people can envision how it would look on themselves or in their home etc.

59% of customers want an inviting ambience when they shop therefore, visual merchandising is paramount for mall retailers. Merchandising your kiosk allows you to demand a higher price and therefore reap the rewards.

Our Sales Managers at Space to Trade are retail experts and are on hand to help and support their retailers. Offering a unique service and experience aimed at maximising income through a strategic plan prepared individually for each centre.

So, go out and try these visual merchandising tactics and see for yourself how your product displays can increase your sales.

For more information on how your business could benefit from working in partnership with Space to trade please contact us on 0800 080 7777 or email us at

Space to Trade Introduces Coffee on the Bike to Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre

2019-09-12T11:25:47+01:00September 12th, 2019|

We would like to give a warm welcome to Coffee on the Bike who are a new permanent fixture to the Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre. Well done to Space to Trade’s Sales Manager, Michelle Clark who has worked closely with the retailer to make this business concept a reality.

They opened their doors for the first time on Monday 9th September. We’re enjoying the welcoming smell of coffee on the west mall in the morning and look forward to sampling it too.

For more information on how your business could benefit from working in partnership with Space to trade please contact us on 0800 080 7777 or email us at

Space to Trade Win Another New Exclusive Mall Partnership in Castle Dene Shopping Centre!

2018-11-29T22:15:51+01:00November 29th, 2018|

Space to Trade, the leading provider of mall commercialisation, has announced a new exclusive mall partnership with Castle Dene Shopping Centre in Peterlee.

Castle Dene is home to 80 stores including Wilko, Argos, Iceland, Boots, New Look and Costa and brings around 160,000 people through its doors each week! The shopping centre offers a wide variety for shoppers including popular high street retail stores, travel agents and coffee shops.

Space to Trade’s Sales Manager Lynn Carmichael comments, “I am thrilled to start working on this scheme. It is an exciting time for the centre as they have a new centre manager and new marketing team that are focussing on upcoming events to bring life back into the heart of community. Plans in the pipeline for commercialisation include the introduction of more permanent kiosks in the centre to complement the existing tenant mix and to add to the shopper experience.”

The shopping centre poses a number of mall commercialisation opportunities, which works in line with Space to Trade’s unique approach to delivering industry leading service and revenue.

If you would like more information on working with Space to Trade, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or 0800 080 7777

Space to Trade Are Pleased To Announce The Appointment Of A New Business Development Manager

2018-11-19T16:28:50+01:00October 10th, 2018|

Space to Trade, the UK’s premium mall commercialisation provider for the community shopping centre sector, has announced they have newly appointed Nicole Toner as their Business Development Manager.

Nicole is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant and worked in practice for 6 years with additional past roles including Chairperson of PKF UK & Ireland Sales & Marketing Group, President of her local Junior Chamber and a Local Advisory Board Member for Career Academies UK. Nicole recently became a member of the Association of Women in Property where she hopes to connect with even more industry contacts.

Nicole comments, “I’m very excited to join the Space to Trade team with the objective to help grow our portfolio and enhance the company brand. I love meeting new people and I am looking forward to forming new Space to Trade partnerships.”

With a keen eye for numbers and company branding whilst also bringing 6 years’ experience in Business Development and Accountancy to Space to Trade, they are excited about what the future holds having Nicole on board.

Our New Website Has Arrived!

2018-10-02T16:16:46+01:00October 1st, 2018|

It’s always a good idea to constantly review and innovate your product, so here we are! We’re really happy to showcase our new website and the many projects we’ve been working on.

Online works in a similar way to in-store: customers want a visually dynamic, easy navigational experience and one which allows them to find what they’re looking for – with the additional opportunity for them to browse at their leisure, when time allows.

We continue to improve and develop our business with the customer at the heart of our decision making process, whether that’s the retailer, the mall manager or the potential shopper.

Stay tuned for updates on what the team are up to, how our partners and retailers are doing and our thoughts on the industry. We’re here to revolutionise and raise the bar within the retail sector and we’ll share that journey with you.

We cut straight to the problem and the solution with ambitious and realistic mall strategies centred around profit, service quality and an improved customer experience.

A Double For Space to Trade

2018-08-30T12:44:25+01:00July 17th, 2018|

A double for Space to Trade in Scotland, at Oakmall and Cameron Toll Shopping Centre! We are delighted that after working in partnership for the past 5 years that both Reith Lambert and M&M have agreed to a further 5 years.

Paul Clifford, Managing Director at Space To Trade “I am delighted to announce these renewals. These are particularly important to us as this demonstrates that we have delivered on our promise of revenue and service and we will continue to do so.”

Space to Trade Launch New 3D Corporate Video

2018-07-11T08:03:53+01:00July 11th, 2018|

Space to Trade came together as a result of many years across the industry, from roles in Retail Management to Centre Management – and everything in between.

Founder and Managing Director, Paul Clifford, brought Space to Trade to the market to offer innovation to the retail industry, introducing a commercialisation model that puts quality and it’s customers at the heart of the process.

As Paul McCammon, Finance Director at Space to Trade, proudly states ‘our greatest strength at Space to Trade is our people’ – it’s for this reason that we have produced our latest video.

We present to you the expertise, innovation and passion in our leadership team. Featured in order of appearance: Paul Clifford (Managing Director), Paul McCammon (Finance Director) and Tina Shah (Commercial Director).

In this video we talk you through the founding ethos of our business and the steps we take to drive intelligent commercialisation strategies, profit and an improved customer experience.

You will learn just how invested we are in the success of our clients and the extent to which we go to ensure that we achieve the very best outcome for our clients from all of our projects. We’re open and transparent about the way we work and value a collaborative approach. We actively drive excellent service, quality and footfall to our malls – whilst constantly strategising to ensure we match the right retailer to the right location.

With the retail industry continually under the microscope and creating some uncertainty for brands, now is the time to focus on engaging the current mass of high-street and mall visitors. Mall commercialisation presents an opportunity to add some theatre to the shopping experience and a fantastic platform to present a product or service to the market.

We work in partnership with our retailers and malls, building bespoke packages around their commercial objectives. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can do for you.

“If you want it done well, if you want it done right, you come to us.” – Paul Clifford, Managing Director at Space to Trade.

Click here to view the full video.

Space to Trade Announce New Exclusive Mall Partnership in Sutton-in-Ashfield

2018-08-30T12:21:46+01:00July 4th, 2018|

Space to Trade, the leading provider of mall commercialisation, has announced a new and exclusive mall partnership with Idlewells Shopping Centre, Sutton-in-Ashfield.

Idlewells Shopping Centre is home to over 45 independent national retailers, including Boots, JD Sports, Argos and New Look. The recently refurbished indoor market includes over 30 stalls offering a range of goods and services including fresh meat and pastries, takeaway and eat-in Jamaican cuisine, gifts and cards, books, clothing and eyebrow threading. The shopping centre experiences around 80,000 visits per week.

The recent refurbishment poses a number of mall commercialisation opportunities, which works in line with Space to Trade’s unique approach to delivering industry leading service and revenue.

Paul Clifford, Managing Director at Space to Trade, comments: “The team are very excited to get started. With a diverse client mix thanks to the variety of retailers in this mall, we look forward to introducing more independent retailers and brands to a newly engaged audience. We’ll work with Chloe o Donnell and the team to build a bespoke strategy based on the mall’s long and short-term goals and financial targets.”

Space to Trade Announce New Exclusive Mall Partnership in Folkestone

2018-08-30T12:18:08+01:00July 3rd, 2018|

Space to Trade, the leading provider of mall commercialisation, has announced a new and exclusive mall partnership this week with Bouverie Place Shopping Centre, Folkestone.

Bouverie Place Shopping Centre, Folkestone, has a weekly footfall in excess of 100,000 customers and includes popular high-street stores such as TK Maxx, New Look, Next and Primark, along with restaurants and food outlets including Burger King, Subway and Starbucks.

The new partnership supports Space to Trade’s commercial objectives of increasing the number of malls they partner with within the UK, offering a quality service centred around realising retail potential and improved customer service.

Paul Clifford, Managing Director at Space to Trade, comments: “This is a fantastic time for Space to Trade and is testament to the unrelenting efforts of the team to improve the retail landscape. We’ve seen some trialling times for malls of late and it may not be the last of it, as online continues to shape and change consumer behaviour. There is most definitely a market for malls and excellent personalised customer service. We’re here to lead innovation and to ensure that we present retailers to the right audiences within our mall network.”