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Case Study: Heart and Hand Crafters.

Retail Kiosk at Cameron Toll Shopping Centre


Heart and Hands Crafters started with 2 crafters, following their success Lynn started to plan making it a monthly event the last weekend of each month.  This proved very popular and soon all 6 tables at each monthly event was booked. We then named it Heart & Hands as its people putting there heart and passion into creating things with their hands and being able to share it!

Helen Turner who was one of the crafters attending decided to take over co-ordinating it with the help of STT and in 2019 booked a full week once per month with all dates sought after.

Helen has taken her hobby and passion to the next level and now plans events, mentors new crafters making sure Heart and Hand Crafters allows a welcome platform for all to showcase work from a group of talented individuals.


The Cameron Toll Shopping Centre has an average weekly footfall of 81,000.

Anchor stores include New Look, Boots, Sainsburys, Game, Aldi and H. Samuel


Heart and Hands Traders are now looking to take there events to other Shopping Centres  Since the group has won over the hearts of the people of Edinburgh its time share throughout other areas in Scotland.


Selling an array of personalised items such as handcrafted wooden and wire animals, handmade jewellery, upcycled furniture, candles, beeswax soaps and bath bombs, plus much more. You can also commission portraits and paintings of loved ones, animals and anything your heart desires.

“It’s very easy to work with Space to Trade, there is never a time where you can’t ask for help. Lynn is a star she is always there for us”

Helen Turner of Hearts and Hand Traders.

“I am so proud of Helen and all the ladies and gents that regulary join the event. They have a great close family like bond within the group.  They are going from strength to strength and always welcoming new crafters or artists.  They are a big hit with the shoppers and the centre management team.  They are a pleasure to work with and so enthusiastic and passionate”

Lynn Carmichael Sales Manager of Space to Trade.

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