Merchandising Your Stall with High-Converting Product Displays

Ensuring your stall looks inviting requires a certain flair, well thought-out and highlighting your products to maximise sales and create a buzz around your products to steal the attention of potential customers.

By displaying your products in a quirky and creative way enhances the look and feel of your brand. Consistent branding ensures you stick in the mind of customers giving them a reason to come back.

With little effort, you can create a smart, engaging display. Here are our Sale Managers top 10 tips for merchandising your stall.

  1. Never over clutter your stall – Simplicity is key, your customer needs to be able to touch and see each item.
  2. Have an inviting space – Have a centrepiece of some sort where the customer can walk around. A little bit of extra décor makes customers feel less exposed to bare open selling and it looks nice too.
  3. Group items together in a colour scheme – This is aesthetically pleasing and draws customers in due to the ease to look at them.
  4. Have an overall shop feel – Anything that’s not nice to look at e.g. boxes and stall cover etc. Keep them out of the way so that you have an overall shop feel to your stall.
  5. Let there be light – Accent lighting, if you have access to this, creates visual interest for shoppers, putting products within their sights.
  6. Have a clear offer – Avoid mixed messaging, this is detrimental to sales. Choose your offer and highlight this clearly on your stall.
  7. Display your pricing – If you don’t display the pricing customers assume the worst. Display the price as this is a “trigger to action”.
  8. The Rule of Three – When arranging items have three of them side by side, our eyes stop dead in their track when we see something symmetrical.
  9. Change it up – Keep it fresh by changing up your stock and changing the position of items on your stall.
  10. Show & Tell – Before people purchase, they like to look and feel at products, smell or even taste. Have products on show so that people can envision how it would look on themselves or in their home etc.

59% of customers want an inviting ambience when they shop therefore, visual merchandising is paramount for mall retailers. Merchandising your kiosk allows you to demand a higher price and therefore reap the rewards.

Our Sales Managers at Space to Trade are retail experts and are on hand to help and support their retailers. Offering a unique service and experience aimed at maximising income through a strategic plan prepared individually for each centre.

So, go out and try these visual merchandising tactics and see for yourself how your product displays can increase your sales.

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